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Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle


Books I'm "Reading" Now

I have no idea who out there might be reading the books that I'm reading , but I find myself reading lots of different kinds of books, all at the same time. The thing I'm wondering to myself is: who else is reading this stuff?

If you are someone who is reading or listening to the same authors, then I would love to know.

Reading List (paper)
  • Freedom and Authenticity by Koestenbaum and Block
  • Carnival by Antoni
  • Communion with God by Walsch
  • The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz

Listening List (MuVo Creative mp3)
  • 2 talks by Mariann Williamson
  • Guns, Germs and Steel -- Jared Diamond
  • I Need Your Love, Is That True? -- Byron Katie
  • Robin Williams' Famous Friends
  • The Energy of Money -- Maria Nemeth

eBook list (Palm Tungsten eReader)
  • She Comes First -- Ian Kerner
  • Tomorrow's God -- Walsch

This in addition to about 7-10 newspapers each morning.

What are you reading / listening to / watching?



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