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Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle


A Real Blitz

For the past month or so I have been trying to call Cable and Wireless here in Jamaica to cancel my DSL service.

It happens to come at a time when the competition is heating up, as a new service called Flow is about to offer cable, DSL and local phone service bundled in one. In anticipation, C&W has been ramping up its advertising, with full page ads in the press and online.

When I say, I have been "trying to call" I mean that I have been calling their lines to try and reach someone. Anyone.

I can reach no-one. Once I spent 120 minutes on the phone, with headset on ... determined that I would get through. A pre-arranged phone appointment forced me off.

At other times I have called only to hear from a pre-recorded voice that "our circuits are busy."

This last time, the phone just rang without an answer.

Is it any wonder that I am going to try a different company?

I wonder if the people doing the advertising have any idea that they are producing more and more upset customers with their slick ads convincing customers to call their 888 number?

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  • I find it so annoying too. Sometimes you just hear music, don't know how they expect to keep customers with that type of service

    By Blogger Gela's Words, at 8/07/2006  

  • 'Gela,

    I finally had to use back door connections to cancel the account.

    I only found out when the bill came without the charge on it.

    They are crazy in pushing Pressa and advertising so heavily, when getting someone to pick up the phone is a risky proposition.

    In the news, C&W has outsourced its entire customer service operation -- we will see if there is any improvement.

    By Blogger fwade, at 8/15/2006  

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