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Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle


Job Creation

As we enter the political season here in Jamaica, there is a growing topic of conversation about what the country needs to do to grow, and thereby reduce unemployment.

I found the following article to be quite interesting, and emphasizes some of my own concerns about hiring employees.

I consider myself to be a typical example -- I have done business in Jamaica for years and am yet to hire a single Jamaican.

Not that there is anything wrong with professionals here. It's just that my impression is that it is just too difficult a process to endure.

Click here to access the article entitled "Jamaican Job Creation -- The Problem."



  • Fwade...elaborate on the rigors of working with professionals in Jamaica. I currently work in US. Apart from a few friends in Ja, my limited business interaction with Ja institutions and some professionals tends to be "challenging". I am talking about legal professionals, surveyors, bank employees (government employees not worth mentioning). My expectations are probably based on what happens in US and so it's a different way of doing things in Ja? If we are truly going to be global and world class, then emulate world class standards. Fortunately, our athletes are showing that hard work, will to win and determination can overcome any situation. I wish that would apply to the larger society. The standards and examples are there, but it's in the minority.

    By Anonymous common sense, at 5/07/2007  

  • Agreed. It is a challenge to maintain high standards when the effort is not immediately rewarded.

    Like many Third World countries, there is a lot of mediocrity that gets by due to lack of information, competition and opportunity.

    By Blogger fwade, at 5/08/2007  

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