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Emotional Intelligence

I made reference to a definition of EI that I have been using:

According to Wikipedia , Daniel Goldman (the author of the book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ, 1995) defines the following components of EI.

Goleman divides emotional intelligence into the following five emotional competencies:
  1. The ability to identify and name one's emotional states and to understand the link between emotions, thought and action.
  2. The capacity to manage one's emotional states — to control emotions or to shift undesirable emotional states to more adequate ones.
  3. The ability to enter into emotional states (at will) associated with a drive to achieve and be successful.
  4. The capacity to read, be sensitive to, and influence other people's emotions.
  5. The ability to enter and sustain satisfactory interpersonal relationships.
In Goleman's view, these emotional competencies build on each other in a hierarchy. At the bottom of his hierarchy "1" is the ability to identify one's emotional state. Some knowledge of "competency 1" is needed to move to the next competency. Likewise, knowledge and/or skill in the first three competencies is needed to read and influence positively other people's emotions ("competency 4"). The first four competencies lead to increased ability to enter and sustain good relationships ("competency 5".)



  • Hello Francis:

    Whilst a detailed taxonomy of emotional intelligence is useful, I'm beginning to talk to people about Emotional Intelligence being
    "the intelligent use of emotions" and to back it up with a practical example. I find that people can invariably grasp this idea in an instant. The detailed explanation can come later.

    By Anonymous galba bright, at 3/19/2007  

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