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Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle


FirstCuts Issue 13.0 -- Caribbean Innovation

To access the most recent issue of FirstCuts in colour, click here.

Feel free to add a comment related to this issue on innovation in Caribbean companies, based in part on my experience as a researcher at AT&T Bell Labs.



  • I read your article and could identify with it on many levels. Innovators usually are the ones who start companies, not go to work for them. Right?
    I love Summers' reigning supreme of "the authority of ideas," rather than "the idea of authority" quote... I'll remember that one, especially as it relates to the Caribbean mindset. It took me a long time to learn this as a U.S. transplant. Authority rules the roost. Oh. Wow.
    I like your story about Bell Labs President leading innovation by example.
    I cannot venture to guess which companies in the Caribbean would ever be ready to accept the challenge of your intervention. I can tell you from certain client-to-company experience, which one is not ready!

    I would love you to tackle how to improve management issues within a certain telephone giant, especially in terms of customer service, technical support and brand consistency. As a former U. S. company manager held to high standards with respect to these issues, and as a current eastern Caribbean customer, I am constantly amazed at how they continue to grow despite their shortcomings. How will it be possible to offer the platforms, customer service and tech support needed to keep up with the rest of the world with respect to the aforementioned challenges?
    It's a real undertaking, for sure, but with thinkers like yourself, returning to the Caribbean and presenting the topics, maybe there is hope still.

    By Blogger Mamie, at 7/24/2007  

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